“My White House Life”

I am not quite sure how things reached the point of me writing a book.

But when the First Lady of Journalism, Helen Thomas reads your first chapter and says, ‘You should do this. It’s well-written,’ you pick yourself up off the floor after getting over the initial shock and great honor Helen bestows on you and re-read what you wrote in chapter one.

You keep scanning for the ‘well-written’ parts and wonder if you can continue chapter after chapter until it’s all done. Meanwhile, you continually look for connections in the publishing industry as well as considering finding an agent!

If you know one, don’t hold back from letting me hear from you.

Follow along, if you like as I wander through the writing process of my first book. Current working title is, ‘”My White House Life.” The working title has now changed seven times and counting.

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  1. Your insights and intelligent approach to expressing those insights will make for a very good read that will be well received to be sure. Don’t stop until you finish the last page. Applause for being willing to share your rare insights.

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