When Poor Communication From Football Coaches Can Lead to Physical Injury To Your Children

Last night, my sons and I attended a parent/player meeting at my 12 year-old son’s school auditorium for the upcoming football season. Earlier that day, the coach had decided my 12 year-old would be helpful to the team by playing the tailback position for the season. I was very proud of him. I had looked up the term “tailback” on the Internet to know what a tailback’s responsibility was on the football team.

Anyway, we were listening to the coach share how the football program worked at my son’s middle school. The head coach went over what the expectations were for both the players and the students. He talked about ways to help raise money to help the team purchase more uniforms and gear. For now he said that there was enough gear for the number of players currently part of the team. He said that players didn’t need to purchase any gear except for their cleats. This was the same statement he informed parents at the parent/player meeting at the end of the school year last year. He also said the same thing at the football mini camp my son had attended that week.
But wait, there’s more