My Dinner With Helen Thomas

With the recent incident that happened just before the summer, Helen took a break from public life until just two weeks ago when I visited Washington, D.C. to have dinner with Helen and some other very generous bidders who won Dinner With Helen Thomas with all proceeds going to a very worth charity.

As time permitted during our time that evening, we took a few minutes here and there to talk about life, how she was doing and just what she planned to do next. A woman with much to say, and a vast amount of information only Helen could share, Helen gave all at the dinner table more reason than ever to encourage her to share some of the most amazing stories than no one has ever been told about the numerous presidential administrations she served under as Dean of the White House Press Corps.

We spent a fair amount of time listening to her recount the days she spent traveling with then President Richard Nixon to China. Oh the stories she shared. None of us had any idea of what actually took place during that trip – at least not from the eyes of the woman walking alongside the President of the United States.

If you haven’t met her, to understand Helen Thomas you must be willing to accept the following as 100% true:
Helen Thomas is pro humanity and anti-war, anti-killing or anything that can put people in harm’s way. She does not nor will she ever accept war as an answer to anything but an increase in the loss of life.

Now, take into account the comments that caused Helen Thomas, who some consider the first lady of journalism, to end her career.
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Genius Is Rare But Alive & “SmARTistically” Flourishing!

What do you do when you see the cigarette industry hit hard with thousands of cigarette machines taken out of businesses and community locations nationwide? You revamp the machines into Art-O-Mats of course. I’m a bit prideful in saying I actually used to work alongside the founder of Art-O-Mat.
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Someone’s Been Investigating Me. A Detective! Yikes!

So, I’m checking out BlogCatalog and visiting different blogs I find interesting. Then, lo and behold, it’s me! That’s right. The blog “Be Your Own Detective” is actually featuring me on its latest post! Must have been a slow day in the detective business. Actually, the point of the story was pretty neat. How often do you take the time to see how much information is available about you on the world wide web? You may think you know. Then again, you may be surprised! Check it out for yourself!

Visit Investigating Other Bloggers – Check out some of the other posts and leave a comment or two. Just a thought.

Beating the Heat – Just A Thought

Here are some ideas to help beat the heat. I love to promote this woman’s blogs as she provides a good dose of inspiration with her everyday struggles.

Here’s her blog post on: Beating the Heat.

Here’s a bit about the author:

“I am a down to earth woman living a simple rural life, and earning a living from self employment as an artist, and as a researcher and writer.

My interests are focused on mind, body, spirit, nature and relationships. I enjoy being outdoors immersed in nature, meditation, reading, music, art, humor, yoga, and blogging.

I am coping with multiple health challenges as best as I can on a day by day basis. I am known as being the kind of woman who is a hard close to. But to those who are close to me, I am affectionate, gentle, fun loving and helpful. Perhaps INFJ post and this one will be of interest to those who want to know a little more about me.
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Do You Have a Right To Ask The Parents of Your Child’s Friends If They Have Guns In Their Homes?

No matter what your position is on guns, I will go ahead and say that I don’t believe guns and children should ever mix. This week, a 12 year-old boy was accidentally shot and killed when he was over at his friend’s home in my neighborhood and his friend brought out a gun to show the 12 year-old. This tragic incident got me to thinking about the times my boys have spent nights at their friend’s homes. I never thought to ask if the parents of my child’s friends had guns or weapons in the house. I plan to make this a standard question from now on before either of my children spend a night or go over to someone’s house to play.

What do you think? What would you do?

Bloggers: Publish your book, ebook, or your blog (via onecoolsitebloggingtips)

Great ideas sometimes need a bit of help and direction. If you have been thinking about writing a book but haven’t gotten past thinking, here are the next steps.

Bloggers: Publish your book, ebook, or your blog Bloggers are communicators and as the saying goes:  "Everyone has a book in them".  So it's not surprising that bloggers may want to publish their blogs,  an ebook, or even a book. For those bloggers who are exploring free and/or low cost methods of printing their blog posts, or creating ebooks, or publishing a book these may be of value: 1.    FastPencil has a free way to import and blogs into a high-quality PDF There … Read More

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The Benefits of Being MAD & BAD

It never fails that every once in awhile, we need a helping hand…or two and maybe even a couple of paws as this photo shows. But if you haven’t already, here’s just a thought. Being MAD and BAD are actually more important than you may realize when you think of things this way:

It’s okay to be M.A.D. – Make A Difference

It’s even better to be B.A.D. – Be A Difference

Apply to all areas of life generously on a daily basis.

ROI/What You Get In Return:

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