Oklahoma City fans pull for Dallas Mavericks at home game without knowing it

(Photo by David Madison)

For many, part of enjoying the weekend and turning your mind away from work is to turn on the tube to catch some great sports including the NBA semi finals.

However, to many watching the game or actually being in the crowd cheering for Oklahoma City or Dallas, it may have been confusing knowing who was supposed to be cheering for whom.

That’s because the t-shirts worn by almost every fan at the game were blue.

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Free mobile app makes calls free, too!

(photo by Ryan McVay)

VoIP services such as Skype already offer mobile applications, but as springwise.com reports, typically users must create an account, build a contact list and then launch the app each time they want to make a free call.

Not so with Voxtrot, a free mobile app that seamlessly integrates into the phone’s standard calling function and automatically makes calls free when Voxtrot users talk to one another.

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