Communication: Talk To The Bottom Line To Grow It

Being smart about business means being smart about all aspects of business, including who you hire and keeping your employees connected to the bottom line. One objective to business success is to consider your employees as the bottom line.

While these economic times make it an “employer’s market,” this does not mean you want to take advantage of those you need to grow your business. For instance, you have to stay connected with your staff and allow them to share what’s working and what your employees consider as stumbling blocks to get their jobs done effectively. There are many great resources available online. A list of questions to get you started is available through IMT (Industry Marketing Trends).

Depending on the size of the company, a good idea is to have a quarterly face-to-face meeting or at least a biannual meeting between you and each employee. Whatever questions you deem appropriate should already be prepared, handed out to each employee, filled out by the employee and returned prior to any face-to-face meeting.

Based on the number of employees you have will determine if you, the owner can meet with your entire staff or if you will need to use your management team (department supervisors and managers). Why are face-to-face meetings so important to your business? And what is the value? My next post will give you something tangible to consider.

Overall, great employees continue to do great work if they are appreciated, feel like they are heard and given incentives (big or small) on an ongoing basis. A happier employee means a better worker. A better worker most often leads to a stable and growing bottom line.

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