Genius Is Rare But Alive & “SmARTistically” Flourishing!

What do you do when you see the cigarette industry hit hard with thousands of cigarette machines taken out of businesses and community locations nationwide? You revamp the machines into Art-O-Mats of course. I’m a bit prideful in saying I actually used to work alongside the founder of Art-O-Mat.

To be honest, I was shoved in a corner of the downstairs creative department of a nationally-recognized ad agency. My corner and the chair and computer I called my home away from home was right next to one Clark Whittington. This man was often quiet and reserved yet brilliant in his artistic abilities. He wasn’t one of the so called art directors with a formal office and window. He was placed in the large open area where people of various departments would walk in and out, working on projects, talking about design ideas and discussing where to find the appropriate paper to purchase for a client’s collateral pieces.
Among all the ‘white noise’ as it were, this mild-mannered fellow turned from Clark Kent glasses to Art-O-Mat founder. The business has blossomed into showcasing Art-O-Mat machines in Washington D.C. (Smithsonian American Art Museum), 29 states (one machine in MoMA), Canada and Vienna!

I can only hope you may find reason enough to see just how smart art has become “smartistically” genius and profitable! It may not be a bad idea to start collecting or considering housing one of these Art-O-Mats in your own business. Since 1997, the trend has only grown!

Art-O-Mat: Don’t Go Around Artless! (Kerplunking Culture Since 1997)
Clark Whittington
National Bureau Chief


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