Beating the Heat – Just A Thought

Here are some ideas to help beat the heat. I love to promote this woman’s blogs as she provides a good dose of inspiration with her everyday struggles.

Here’s her blog post on: Beating the Heat.

Here’s a bit about the author:

“I am a down to earth woman living a simple rural life, and earning a living from self employment as an artist, and as a researcher and writer.

My interests are focused on mind, body, spirit, nature and relationships. I enjoy being outdoors immersed in nature, meditation, reading, music, art, humor, yoga, and blogging.

I am coping with multiple health challenges as best as I can on a day by day basis. I am known as being the kind of woman who is a hard close to. But to those who are close to me, I am affectionate, gentle, fun loving and helpful. Perhaps INFJ post and this one will be of interest to those who want to know a little more about me.

I’ve being reading blogs for 6 years and  blogging in my private journal blog for that span of time. I began my first public blog 3 years ago on Blogger. Since then I have become an experienced user of WordPress  software, and I’m a Tumblr blogger too. I like helping people who are learning to blog and that’s why I have which is my primary blog.

About this blog

this time ~ this space is a personal development, growth and relationships blog focused on conscious living,  self improvement, spirituality, alternative medicine, coping with and learning from major loss and chronic disease (fibromylagia and chronic fatigue syndromes, multiple food and drug sensitivities and allergies).

Personal development is the development of one’s capabilities and potentialities through self improvement. This personal development, growth and relationships blog contains information and techniques I use for transforming and improving my life including:

  • Practical information on food, fitness, health and well being;
  • Alternative medicine methods used to reduce stress, anxiety and to control pain;
  • Articles on aromatherapy, conscious living, creative visualization, health,  goal setting, happiness,  internet relationships, love,  massage, positive thinking, self improvement, sensuality, sexuality and spirituality;
  • Organizational tools or techniques for planning and scheduling time.

The companion blog to this blog is thistimespace a media rich relaxation techniques, meditation resources and alternative medicine blog, for readers who are pursuing personal growth and development, and self improvement.”



  1. Thank you so much for featuring my blog and my post in this way. I appreciate it. 🙂

  2. I think it is cool you featured TT on your blog. SHe doesn’t need it, but deserves it – I am sure 🙂

  3. Well, it’s gotten 2 responses. Overall, I just like to do what I think is right and care for people. I hope my information may be of value to people. Since starting in June, I don’t have a method of evaluating how many visits a day is worthwhile. I love what I share as it is experience that I hope saves someone else the long hours it took me to achieve my success with regional, national and international companies. 🙂

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