“Okay. How Did You Really Get Those Results?” The New Business Process

In 2003, I was invited to present to a very well-known national advertising agency. At the time, I was working for a small, relatively unknown, local agency. Through the grapevine, the president of this national agency said he had heard I was simply the best at new business – bar none. We met briefly and he asked that I come back to explain exactly what my process was to winning new business and simply how I did what I did.

To give you a reference point, I built the new business department for this small firm I was currently employed from scratch. I developed a database with different levels of targets in key industries. I prepared a time line focusing on prospects in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month increments. I put into place what some witty colleagues called my ‘black box’ methodology. With all of this, I was able to gain face-to-face time with globally and nationally-known companies such as:
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It’s Kind of a Funny Story…

NOTE: This isn’t a movie for kids.

This is possibly a movie for those who know someone living with depression. Since I haven’t seen it yet, I can’t know the movie’s full content. I don’t like hearing the Lord’s name taken in vain in the music. My hope is that the movie clip’s message is just a whisper of what we may see in the film about the reality we face trying to understand the world around us when you’re just a teen.

It’s not any easier dealing with depression at any age. But in the clip, the one line that I think is strongest comes from the teen’s friend. The teen says, ‘what do I do to be you for just one day?’ And his friend says, ‘I just live.’ It’s realizing that even if we see the world as out of control and chaotic, we aren’t alone by a long shot. There are millions who think we live in a bowl of cracked nuts and we’re just hoping not to crack ourselves.

One addition to the trailer I would make? When the young boy says, ‘what do I do to be you for just one day?’ I would have his friend say, ‘discover the faith inside you and live!’

7.9 Million Jobs Lost. Many Forever.* In The Job Market, Effective Communication Matters. But How Much Do You Really Know?

You’re probably familiar with the saying, ‘it’s not what you say but how you say it.’ With the job market still extremely weak, and reports from CNNMoney.com suggesting full-time jobs may be a thing of the past while part-time and freelance positions may be the job market of the future, what we say at work and how we communicate what we say may mean more than ever when it comes to maintaining a paycheck.

For those with a job, remember the millions who are still unemployed and have been unemployed, in many cases for 2 years or more. Unless there are illegal activities taking place where you work, this is not the time to whine or complain. But you may be communicating negatively without even saying a word.
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What's Your Favorite Quote & Why?

"Be Still And Know I am God."

It never fails. Every time I hear someone say this quote or this phrase comes to mind, I am reminded how often I am speeding through the day or time in general and forgetting Who is truly in control. It makes me pause to consider a much bigger picture than getting the laundry folded or even adding a new post on my blog.

What about you? What's your favorite quote and why?

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Want to See Effective Communication In Action? Hang With Arborists


Kathy Holzer - First Female ITCC Winner

My first introduction to arborists was through SherrillTree, a company based in Greensboro, NC that provides quality tree gear and supplies to arborists worldwide. With facilitators on hand, I learned how to climb trees with a rope-assisted method that does no harm to the trees at all. That’s right. No spikes! It’s called, recreational tree climbing. It’s a great activity for the entire family. My 9 and 12 year old boys have climbed a few times and are mini pros at this outdoor activity. Better tree climbing with a rope-assisted system than climbing up on your own. It’s also a terrific and healthy alternative to all the electronic toys kids spend hours playing.

Anyway, working with SherrillTree on website copy and connecting with trade publications to land editorial placement for new products and articles, I had the opportunity to attend my first ITCC (International Tree Climbing Competition). But wait, there’s more

Just A Thought & A Kiss

So, do you know how your boss, co-workers and even your mother will spend 20,000 minutes of their lives?

The Answer:
Kissing (Okay, I know it’s hard to have the image of your mother swapping slobber. But how else would you be where you are?)

What I Like Most About My Job

I love watching people ‘get it.’ To meet grumbly executives with 20 or so years of experience, CEOs running companies but not knowing how to connect with those who impact the firm’s bottom line the most, their employees, suddenly transform from glassy-eyed to engaged. They become not only ready but eager to take charge and incorporate specific methods to empower their employees from top to bottom. Now that’s worth waking up for any day of the week!

Just A Thought…Helen Thomas

I believe that everyone has a purpose. Today I heard that an amazing lady and a family friend decided to retire after decades of amazing and extraordinary service to our country. Her name is Helen Thomas. Helen has a fire in her belly that has burned bright throughout her career as Dean of the White House Press Corps and then as a columnist for The Hearst Corporation.

Helen is a woman who has and continues to wonder why our military must lose their lives without any idea of when, how or if the war these men and women are fighting will ever come to an end. She deeply cares about people in general and loathes the loss of life.

I spent a few days with her last year on two separate occasions. What a privilege, indeed. With all of the pain the recession has caused in my own life and the millions of others across our country, she offered me experienced and caring advice on focusing efforts to write a book and to look at ways to make a contribution to society and toward my own well-being.

So, this is what I am doing. As of this posting, I am finished with Chapter 2.

Do I judge all the good that Helen Thomas has done on behalf of women who wanted to be taken seriously in the workplace by one comment made a few days ago? No. What right do I have to judge anybody regarding any matter? She made a comment that was videotaped. It hurt many. She deeply regrets making the comment. She has said she is sorry. She has always hated the loss of life and would not intend to communicate otherwise.

In this case, I recommend we all consider a tried and true solution:
Judge not lest ye be judged.

Helen Thomas deserves more respect than becoming fodder for water cooler chatter.

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