Social Media – A New Way to Improve or Damage Your Business

Social media has a lot to offer businesses. But it can sure provide your company with a big black eye if you don’t take the time to think through how to use it. For instance, if in marketing our goal is to focus on the brand image and speak clear and concise key messages, why would you:

  • Allow your Facebook page to have misspellings and poor grammar?
  • Have a clever and interesting Facebook page and not offer a ‘next step’ or a connection to interest your target to contact you for business?
  • Even begin a Facebook page without thinking things through, like what you want to say or how often you plan to update your page?

Ready to get started? Let me know.

By the way, a good place to get familiar with social media is through the site,
Social Media Examiner. I encourage you to check it out to become more social!

Helen Thomas – More Than A Video Clip

I believe that everyone has a purpose. Today I heard that an amazing lady and a family friend decided to retire after decades of amazing and extraordinary service to our country. Her name is Helen Thomas. Helen has a fire in her belly that has burned bright throughout her career as Dean of the White House Press Corps and then as a columnist for The Hearst Corporation.

Helen is a woman who has and continues to wonder why our military must lose their lives without any idea of when, how or if the war these men and women are fighting will ever come to an end. She deeply cares about people in general and loathes the loss of life.

I spent a few days with her last year on two separate occasions. What a privilege, indeed. With all of the pain the recession has caused in my own life and the millions of others across our country, she offered me experienced and caring advice on focusing efforts to write a book and to look at ways to make a contribution to society and toward my own well-being.

So, this is what I am doing. As of this posting, I am finished with Chapter 2.

Do I judge all the good that Helen Thomas has done on behalf of women who wanted to be taken seriously in the workplace by one comment made a few days ago? No. What right do I have to judge anybody regarding any matter? She made a comment that was videotaped. It hurt many. She deeply regrets making the comment. She has said she is sorry. She has always hated the loss of life and would not intend to communicate otherwise.

In this case, I recommend we all consider a tried and true solution:
Judge not lest ye be judged.

Helen Thomas deserves more respect than becoming fodder for water cooler chatter.

Effective PR Can Do More Than You Think

With close to twenty years in the radio, TV, Public Relations and Communications industries, I can offer up some tid bits you may want to consider before you even think about picking up that phone to call a media contact. Here’s just one example of how successful a strategically-based public relations campaign can do more than gain editorial coverage.

When Levolor Home Fashions was forced to reduce its marketing budget from $4 million to less than $200,000, public relations was the recommended marketing tactic.

Provided national and even international media coverage from TV and print and helped increase key product sales close to 40 percent in less than six months.

The Good Stuff

In every area of my 20 years working in radio, TV, public relations, new business and communications both internal and external, it’s ‘the good stuff’ that matters. It’s not only understanding the human element but being able to speak all of the various languages each of us, and in business, each of your target markets understands.

If you truly want to succeed in public relations, communications, new business or simply in the business world, you’re going to need to embrace ‘the good stuff.’

Get ready to re-consider what you’re doing to reach your target market, find out how to develop simple ways to increase new business opportunities, communicate effectively in a way your target market wants to hear from you and last but not least…fill your own bag full of ‘The Good Stuff.’