Red Square Agency Website – A Winning Site & Having Fun Building It

Do you remember when working at an advertising agency was fun? Maybe you are having that experience right now. If you haven’t checked out the 2009 winner for Agency Website presented by the Web Marketing Association, check it out. While you’re at it, have you seen an impressive business website? Send me a link!

I enjoyed the copy for ‘House Rules’ and ‘Contact.’ Congrats Red Square

Red Square Agency wins 2009 WebAward for Red Square Agency Website.



  1. Checked it out – not sure I agree with the praise of the site. As a new business vehicle, sure I get to see lots of “cool” images of the agency, but as a prospect I have to work to find information, wait for it to load, and never really understand how they are different than any other agency or what they could do for ME (you remember the old “what’s in it for me?” question a buyer wants answered). On the upside, I guess if I choose not to hire them, I could still get a t-shirt. Just my opinion.

    • Tom,
      Never let it be said that the winner has the most effective design to win new business when, in this case we are talking about the 2009 website winner. Remember, Web Marketing Association named Red Square’s website the winner for 2009 based on the following criteria:

      -Ease of use
      -Use of technology

      Nobody said nothin’ bout no new sales or added revenue.
      And this is my point exactly. Pretty doesn’t pay the rent. It’s great to have fun at your job. But besides meeting the above criteria it sure would have been nice to see which agency’s website brought home the most bacon.

      However, back to just pretty….Red Square’s site does have a great ‘cool’ factor regarding copy on the ‘House Rules’ page and the ‘Contact’ -page.

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